Picture Book Review: Can you Keep a Secret? by Melissa Castrillon

Can you Keep a Secret? by Melissa Castrillon

If you met a dragon, could you keep it a secret? One day in the forest, Winnie discovers the last dragon in the whole world. His fabulous friends, the gryphon, the winged lion and the tree-man are the last of their kind, too. They’ll be in danger if a grown-up discovers them. But can Winnie really keep them secret?

A fantastical story of wondrous creatures and a little girl with an important secret to keep. Winnie sees pictures of the dragon, gryphon, winged lion and tree-man and wonders whether they could still be alive. But her parents reassure her they can’t be as they were defeated in battle.

Winnie prepares herself just in case, practising her sword fighting in the garden, showing herself to be a brave heroine. One day Winnie is swept away by a magical wind and finds herself on the back of a dragon! Winnie’s adventure that follows is a gentle reminder of what being endangered really means – and how it’s humans that are often the cause of this.

Stunningly illustrated with vibrant colours and a mythical feel, Can you Keep a Secret? will spark the imaginations of young readers everywhere.

With thanks to Alison Green Books at Scholastic for sending me this book to review. Find out more at https://www.melissacastrillon.co.uk/

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