Picture Book Review: Alone by Barry Falls

Alone by Barry Falls

“This is my hill,” said Billy McGill. “I live here alone! Always have, always will.” But life doesn’t always turn out how you plan it…Soon Billy is joined by a mouse, cat, dog, bear, tiger and many more. Will he still crave splendid alone-ness or finally see the value of friends?

This absolutely delightful tale will not fail to bring a smile to your face! Told with a charming lyrical narrative, Billy lives all alone but one day a mouse comes to visit, and in order to get rid of the mouse, Billy gets a cat. But the cat and mouse like to play, so Billy decides to get a dog which will surely get rid of them both? Pretty soon – you guessed it – there’s a whole menagerie of animals – plus a vet, a sheep-shearer and even a baby causing havoc as shown by the warm and colourful illustrations. In a huff, Billy storms out, but once alone again, realises he misses them all and that peace and quiet is all very well, but friends are important too.

A message we can all appreciate, especially at the moment, Alone is a lovely story to read aloud and share, told with heart and humour.

With thanks to Pavilion for sending me this book to review. Read my review of Barry Fall’s It’s Your World Now here. Find out more at http://barryfalls.com/portfolio/books

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