New review: Early Learning at the British Museum with Nosy Crow

Two more gorgeous board books are now available in the collaborative series between The British Museum and Nosy Crow.  Each book is inspired by the vast British Museum collection and celebrates cultures from all over the world.  As museums across the world are celebrated on International Museum Day, these books are a great way to introduce history to young children and perhaps even follow-up with a visit to the museum itself!

First Words celebrates amazing objects and simple first words and is sure to encourage children to engage with early learning concepts.  Animals brings to life creatures of all shapes and sizes from all over the world, and will inspire curiosity in the natural world.


I think what I love about this series is the combination of history, culture and early language concepts brought together in a lovely format. There are so many fascinating objects to look at and its a great way to explore other cultures even with really young children.


As with previous books in the series, there is a useful index along with QR codes that link to more information about each object.  For children who perhaps don’t have access to the museum this is a great way of bringing history to their homes.

Read my reviews of the previous books here.

Find out more at and

With thanks to Nosy Crow for sending me these books to review.



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