17 December: Sarah Baker


sarah-baker-author-pic-2016Day 17: Sarah Baker has stopped by for a festive Q & A!

Sarah Baker is the author of  Through the Mirror Door, her debut novel. She has worked in film as a story editor and written features for vintage fashion magazines.  Sarah has read and reviewed lots of books throughout her career, but now is writing her own.

Name three things on your Christmas list this year! Books (of course), a beginner’s course at a local Fencing club and membership to the Natural History Museum. (I have been VERY good this year).

(Always wanted to try Fencing!)

Christmas is a time of family traditions – what are your best (or worst!) family traditions? As children we were only allowed to open our stockings on Christmas morning. All the other presents had to wait until after Christmas lunch when all the adults had drunk their coffee and we’d helped with the washing and drying up. Pure torture! Now I have a little one, I’m hoping to start a few traditions of our own. I’m borrowing the Icelandic custom of giving books on Christmas Eve and my US friend’s tradition51lymti2wxl-_ac_ul320_sr208320_ of having new Christmas themed PJs.

What is your favourite story to read at Christmas? The Box of Delights by John Masefield every time. It’s wonderfully Christmassy and one of my favourite books.

(Another favourite read!)

If you could have Christmas dinner with anyone (alive today or person from history) who would it be and why? I’m having Christmas with my family this year for the first time in ages. My Dad will cook, my Mum will bake a thousand mince pies, my sisters will argue over who hands out the gifts and my toddler will be in the thick of it. I can’t wait.


Through the Mirror Door is set in a beautiful French Manor house.  What would Christmas be like at Maison de Noyer? I think Armuth would go all out with a traditional French Christmas. I’m imagining all kinds of roasted birds and wild fowl, dates and figs, chestnuts (and walnuts, of course), plus plenty of cheese and a buche de noel. Yum.

As a time slip novel, Through the Mirror Door features two different time zones. Would you prefer to celebrate Christmas in the present with Angela or with Julien in 1898? Spoiler alert I’d love to experience Julien’s Christmas with his Uncle at Maison de Noyer. I think it would be a sumptuous celebration with a long list of delicacies and many, many courses. Traditionally, French families attend mass at midnight then return home for the Christmas Eve dinner (le réveillon or ‘wake-up’ meal) so I think it would be a couple of wonderful (and filling!) days.


Reader’s question from children at Inkpots Writers’ Hut; what is your most favourite book that you didn’t write? I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.

Turkey or goose? Turkey

Real or fake tree? Real

Mince pies or Christmas pudding? Mince pies, but not before December 1st. That’s the rule.

Stockings –  end of the bed or over the fireplace? End of the bed (so you can hear them rustle.)

(Love that sound!)

Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? Christmas Eve

Thank you for participating in our festive Q & A! Merry Christmas!


Find out more about Sarah at www.bysarahbaker.com  and follow her on Twitter @bysarahbaker.


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