Picture Book Review: The Greatest Show Penguin by Lucy Freegard

The Greatest Show Penguin by Lucy Freegard

Poppy’s a penguin who’s always performed. But now Poppy wants to change her life – no more juggling, unicycling or breathing fire. She wants to make others happy, but also be happy herself. So she’s going to run the show. Can she become the greatest show penguin?

The answer is yes! Not to spoil the show, but this tale of Poppy and her desire to be true to herself is just delightful! She has to be brave and admit to her family – all of whom are performers in the circus with her – that she doesn’t want to be on stage anymore.

Her Mum suggests a holiday to take a break, but while they are away, Poppy finds she misses the circus. Fortunately, there is a lot to do to make a circus show happen, and Poppy is able to find lots of new skills and a way to still be part of the show.

A warm-hearted story, with gorgeous watercolour illustrations, The Greatest Show Penguin will light up bedtime for little ones – and remind them being brave is not as scary as you think!

With thanks to Pavilion Books for sending me this book to review. Find out more at www.lucyfreegard.com.

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