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‘Wash Those Hands…a nurse’s lament…’ a poem and a song


My mother was a nurse (now retired) and one of her great maxim’s was the importance of washing your hands. As a Matron, hand-washing was one of the first things she trained new staff in to ensure it was done properly.  And at home, her reminders could often be heard around the house – so much so that her many grandsons (9) and grandaughter and even her children (4 – me included) would often roll their eyes – with much affection – at the ‘make sure you’ve washed your hands’ coming from grandma!

My father, a writer and producer, wrote a poem about six years ago as an ode to my mother, which he named ‘Wash Those Hands… a nurse’s lament’ and then turned said poem into a little song with the help of his composer.  After much conversation over the last few weeks, we thought it might be useful to share this for all those working with children and trying to find something to inspire them to keep washing those hands. Happy reading – singing – and hand washing!


‘Wash Those Hands…a nurse’s lament..’

by James Verner

Wash Wash Wash those hands
Never let a dirty moment pass
Wash wash wash those hands
Keep them clean all day

Wash them ’fore eating
After the shopping
Round fingers and thumbs
Bugs and germs will drain away
Each time you wash those hands

Wash those hands so-ooo care-fully
Morning Noon and Night
Wash them shake them dry ’em
Get them clean that’s right
Hey you, please do it with all your might

Wash Wash Wash those hands
Never let a dirty moment pass
Without – wash wash wash those hands
Keep them clean all day- to-oooday

Go on splash about a bit!

© James Verner



Wash Those Hands sheet music 001