STOP PRESS: EmpathyLab announce 2022 Read for Empathy Collection

I think we can all agree empathy has never been more needed as we face continued challenging times, and the world becomes even more complicated for children and young people to navigate.

EmpathyLab has announced its 2022 #ReadforEmpathy book collection, ahead of Empathy Day which takes place on 9th June. An expert judging panel has selected 60 books for 4-16 year-olds, each chosen to empower an empathy-educated generation:

“We’re in a golden age of children’s literature, coming just when we need
it most. Reading is a great way to raise a nourished, empathy-educated generation and helps combat the empathy deficit. Scientific research shows that identifying with fictional book characters helps readers better understand people in real-life; the collection features books with outstandingly crafted characters who will expand young people’s world view, helping them become more understanding of others and inspiring them to become socially active.”

The primary collection features 35 books for 4-11 year olds; the secondary collection has 25 books for 12-16 year olds and both collections featuring a whole host of brilliant, diverse authors and illustrators. The books feature themes that many readers will relate to – and many experiences they will be unfamiliar with, but all helping children build their empathy and understanding. Not only this, where these stories address issues such as climate concerns or homelessness, they will inspire positive action, even in the very young.

School communities can access useful guides free to parents and educators from the EmpathyLab website. The books in the #ReadforEmpathy collections are an ideal way to build empathy in school communities, with opportunities to start the conversation through stories that empower, educate, and engage all those who read them.

Ordering the books
The primary and secondary books can be bought through local independent bookshops and other retailers – instore or via Sets of the primary and secondary books are available to buy from specialist children’s schools and libraries book supplier Peters – Visit to order.

Find out more at

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