One of those days…

We all have them.  Things are just a little busy, a little off kilter and seem a long way from books and reading, but all part and parcel of running a secondary (and sixth form) school library.  I wrote a few verses, a little expression of how my day has been today…..Tomorrow, it’ll be all about the books.  That’s a promise!!!

Today in the library.

The printer’s out of paper miss!

Oh dear the cupboards empty

I’ll have to go and get some

Where did I put that key?

Have you got a stapler miss?

Don’t forget the please.

I need a pen miss,

They don’t grow on trees!

Miss, I’ve spilt my drink!

Well what’s it doing here?

You can use the tissues

I always have them near.

Would you like to buy some books?

I’d love to but have no money

What about for next term?

Here’s hoping if we’re lucky!

I don’t have a classroom

Yes you can bring them in.

Do you mind if I just nip out?

But the lesson’s about to begin?!

I’m doing molecular biology

Of course, I can help

I don’t know where the books are miss

Why don’t you try the shelf?!

Can you put the chairs back?

They don’t go over there!

I’d rather not lift them again

It’s getting hard to bear!

Can I use the stapler please?

I don’t where it’s gone!

How about a paper clip?

I can’t find a single one!

That’s a nice display miss

Thank you, only five more to go!

Now where is that shiny paper?

It will make a good show.

Do you have that book by thingy?

The one with the blue cover?

I think his name begins with H?

Or maybe it’s by another?

I’m sorry I’d love to help you

But I actually cannot hear!

Excuse me can you keep it down,

To a slightly lower roar?!

Sorry miss we’re just excited

We’ve got the highest score

It’s not time for gaming, boys

Don’t do it anymore!

Miss I’ve lost my bag,

Have you seen it anywhere?

Ah yes I just found it

Left behind the chair.

I just need to print something

But it’s closing time you see

Please miss, it won’t take long

Oh alright, but I need a cup of tea.

The printer’s out of paper miss…

Here we go again…

Victoria Dilly © May 2017

book 5

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